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Digital Equipment Corporation, or DEC, manufactured comprehensive IT solutions for decades. From memory and storage, to printers and graphics, DEC hardware is still utilized in a myriad of IT departments. Whether you’re looking to revamp your IT solutions or merely replace your equipment, Twin Cities Digital has the expertise to sell your used DEC equipment for top dollar. Our experts will provide you with an unbeatable offer and cover shipping costs. Contact Twin Cities Digital for further information!

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If you’re looking for the most trusted way to buy used DEC equipment, Twin Cities Digital is your one stop shop. We offer an extensive inventory of DEC servers, disk storage, and more, plus a 1-year warranty for every purchase you make. Find the DEC solution your business needs by browsing the product categories below:

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  • “We sold Twin Cities Digital all of the equipment from our Tech Center last year when we upgraded. They set up all of the shipping, had it all audited and paid very fast. They made the whole process very simple. If I have more equipment to sell in the future, they will be my first call.”

    Mike | San Jose, CA

  • “I’ve been working with Dave at TCD on many projects. Their equipment always looks great, is complete and on time. Great company, I will definitely use them again.”

    Jim | Grand Forks, ND

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